St. Matthews Fire District Emergency Medical Services


Emergency Medical Services Director

Mike Riordan, Assistant Chief  

240 Sears Ave 
Louisville, KY 40207


Since 1919, the St. Matthews Fire Department has provided high quality fire service to its citizens. In 2017 the St. Matthews Fire District began providing the citizens of St. Matthews with Advanced Life Saving emergency medical care. High quality emergency medical care is not defined solely in terms of life saving interventions for critically ill or injured patients. 

High quality emergency medical care is defined by the decisions made on each and every patient encounter. The challenge EMS providers face is to make important, sometimes critical decisions with a limited amount of information. Other times St. Matthews Fire District personnel are called upon solely for their opinion as EMS professionals. 

The highly educated EMS personnel of the St. Matthews Fire District pursue excellence in their profession by combining the benefits of medical science with the art of compassionate care. In all cases, potential patients are approached with the greatest professionalism and concern for their well being.