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About Us

What We Do

Provide comprehensive fire prevention and education
Deliver emergency medical and public safety services

Who We Are

Over 100 uniformed and civilian employees
4 Fire Stations

  • Staffed 24 hours per day with a minimum of  31 personnel
  • Total of 1 ALS Engine, 1 Tractor Drawn Aerial, 2 Quints and 2 Battalion Chiefs
  • 3 Advanced Life Support Ambulances
  • Responses including fire suppression, emergency medical services, and vehicle extrication

Daytime Staff

  • Fire Prevention Office
  • Fire Training Office
  • Fire Chief’s Office
  • Administrative/Support Services

Other Services

  • Automatic Aid services to The Neighboring Fire Districts of Jefferson County, Mutual aid to the City of Louisville Fire Department and other Jefferson County Fire Districts

Mission, Vision and Values


We serve the community with compassion, integrity and commitment through prevention, education and a professional response.


We are a responsive and progressive organization. We commit to excellent leadership and professional accountability. We will achieve this through effective training, technology and adapting to the changing needs of the community.


  • Tradition – Passing on positive practices and information from member to member that reflect the adaptive heritage of the Department
  • Professionalism – Demonstrate personal and organizational excellence
  • Diversity – Be respectful and inclusive of the talents and needs of employees and customers
  • Leadership – Be a positive role model and have the courage to do what is right
  • Integrity – Demonstrating personal accountability by taking responsibility for one’s actions
  • Consistency – Maintaining uniform, reliable practices that support equity and trust

St Matthews Fire & Rescue

Station 1
240 Sears Ave
Louisville, KY 40207

Station 2
4400 Brownsboro Rd

Louisville, KY 40207

Station 3
8126 New LaGrange Rd

Louisville, KY 40222

Station 4
8414 Westport Rd

Louisville, KY 40242

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