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Benevolence Fund

Mission Statement:

“Provide financial assistance in times of hardship to ease financial burdens of our employees and community.”


The first word in the definition of ‘benevolence’, is ‘kindness’. This is the ultimate goal of the Benevolence Fund. From a ‘hierarchy of needs’ perspective, this project seeks to support:

  • Physiological Needs
  • Food, water, warmth, rest
  • Safety Needs
  • Security, Health
  • Community Needs

Primary focus of the Benevolence Fund:

  • Medical emergencies, and issues that arise as a result of medical emergencies.
  • Deaths of loved ones, and issues that arise as a result of deaths of loved ones.
  • Large- or small-scale tragedies, and issues that arise as a result of large- or small-scale tragedies.
  • And when possible and responsible, extending goodwill outside our walls.

Benevolence Fund Committee:

1. Tracy Jvening, Paramedic
2. Bill Spicer, Paramedic
3. Travis Mattingly, EMT
4. Joe Prather, Paramedic
5. Lee Look, Captain (Chairperson)
6. George Wiggins, Captain
7. Brendan Montgomery, Sergeant
8. Patrick Montague, Battalion Chief

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