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New Construction Review and Inspections


Most new construction or renovations projects will require a FD plan review and approvals. The Fire Marshal will conduct inspections throughout the duration of the project.

General Requirements

STMFD is divided into two divisions; Division 1 (west of I 264) and Division 2 (east of I 264).

Plans for review in Division 1 should be sent to STM FD Station 1, 240 Sears Ave., Louisville, KY 40207. Major Don Ryan is the Fire Marshal for Division 1.

Plans for review in Division 2 should be sent to STM FD Station 3, 8126 New LaGrange RD, Louisville KY 40222. Major John Stich is the Fire Marshal for Division 2.

A Construction Fire Safety Requirements document must be filled out and sent with the plan for approval. Download this document here.

All plans must be picked up from STMFD Station 1, 240 Sears Ave, Louisville, KY 40207. They will not be mailed unless prior arrangements have been made to cover the cost of mailing. Plan review fees are due upon picking up the plans. Fees will not be invoiced.

Finial Inspection for Opening

Click here to open and download a Finial Inspection checklist for your Fire Marshals opening inspection. These are the common items the Fire Marshal will require before you can open for occupancy. This is for the Fire Marshal inspection only and does not include what may be required by the Building Official or any other code officials.

A Fee Schedule can be found here. Any questions regarding reviews and inspections should be directed to:

Major Don Ryan, Fire Marshal, STMFD Div. 1 at (502) 895-7825 or

Major John Stich, Fire Marshal, STMFD Div. 2 at (502) 425-7474

St Matthews Fire & Rescue

Station 1
240 Sears Ave
Louisville, KY 40207

Station 2
4400 Brownsboro Rd

Louisville, KY 40207

Station 3
8126 New LaGrange Rd

Louisville, KY 40222

Station 4
8414 Westport Rd

Louisville, KY 40242

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