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EMS Ride Along Program

The goal of STM EMS’ Third Rider (Ride-Along) Program is to provide a learning atmosphere for persons observing our paramedics and EMT’s. Any request to ride third may require a written request. Riding third is a privilege and not a right and STM EMS reserves the right to revoke or suspend this privilege at anytime. Third riders understand that they will take their direction from the Paramedic assigned to the unit. If at anytime the Paramedic believes that the third rider is negatively affecting the crew or patient care in any way the third rider will be taken off the truck and may have their privilege to ride revoked.

All third riders will be required to sign a waiver of liability before being allowed to ride. This waiver advises them of the dangers involved in the operation of emergency vehicles and the inherent challenges with rendering emergency medical services in the field. Those other than students wanting to ride along will be required to submit a written request to ride and complete third rider preparatory material. Third riders will not be assigned with regard to race, sex, or other criteria, nor will they be given the option of choosing a particular crew or unit.

Third riding was designed for people in the following categories:

  • Students: EMS, nursing, or medical students who are currently enrolled in an approved medical program.
  • Government Officials
  • Explorers
  • Those interested in EMS as a career
  • Media

If you are interested in participating in the Ride Along Program please download the information packet, fill it out and turn it back into our headquarters at 240 Sears Avenue.

Information Packet Download

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