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Division Of Emergency Medical Services

Brief Overview

The St. Matthews Fire District currently deploys two 24-hour advanced life support (ALS) ambulances, one reserve ambulance and 2 BLS fire companies. St. Matthews Fire employs paramedics who are deployed on Advanced Life Support Ambulances. St. Matthews Fire also works with Louisville Metro EMS to augment the EMS system during busier times. On a daily basis, all of the ambulances are staffed with paramedics.

EMS Division Mission Statement

The Mission Statement for the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Division of St. Matthews Fire District declares to the public that firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians will “Strive for excellence while assuring delivery of prehospital care that is safe, competent, and consistent in an efficient, professional, and fiscally responsible manner.”

Goals And Objectives


Concurrent monitoring and supervision is the process by which Battalion Chiefs, Captains, Paramedics, and Physicians oversee and evaluate the patient care provided by our EMS system as it is delivered.


Retrospective Evaluation is the process that is designed to identify and prevent potential or known problems through the review of EMS activities and measurements. This review is accomplished though the implementation of a district Peer Review Committee that reviews all patient care activities, focus audits of EMS activities, and through continuing analysis of EMS Performance Standards.

St Matthews Fire & Rescue

Station 1
240 Sears Ave
Louisville, KY 40207

Station 2
4400 Brownsboro Rd

Louisville, KY 40207

Station 3
8126 New LaGrange Rd

Louisville, KY 40222

Station 4
8414 Westport Rd

Louisville, KY 40242

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