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Rapid Entry Key Box Order

We have utilized the Kidde Rapid Entry System Lock box for well over 25 years. This system provides a safe and secure way for business and residents to provide emergency responders access to their properties.  The key and lock are registered to the FD and only fire personnel have access to the key. The building owner will purchase and install the key safe in a location agreed upon by the  FD. Once installed the owner will contact our Fire Marshal and we will come by and lock your building keys in the box. In the event of an emergency the special key on the fire apparatus will be used to open the box and to retrieve the building key. To obtain a key safe, go to www.Lockbox.ShopKidde.com. Commercial and multifamily owners may choose either a 2HS, 2HSR or SupraSafe 1 model. Residential owners may choose either a SupraMax Residential model or a SupraSafe 1. After setting up an account, you will select the specific FD (us)  and order a key safe to be billed to a credit card. Then, when your key safe arrives contact our Fire Marshal at (502) 425-7474 to decide upon a location and to have your keys placed in the safe.  For more information on the Rapid Entry System, contact us by e-mail or phone.

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