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With the signing of an executive order by Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, the Lyndon Fire Protection District and the St. Matthews Fire Protection District will officially be merged effective July 1, 2018.  Following months of discussion and evaluation of various options, the Lyndon Fire Protection District board of trustees formally approved a merger at their meeting on May 29, 2018.  The St. Matthews Fire Protection District then approved the merger at their meeting on June 6, 2018.  A “Joint Merger Petition…” of the two fire districts was signed by the Fire Chiefs and Board Chairmen on June 18, 2018 and filed with Mayor Fischer on June 20, 2018.

This merger will enhance fire and rescue services to the merged district by reducing response times, increasing staffing levels thus providing a higher level of service for the merged district.  The merger will provide the needed level and accessibility of emergency medical response resources to the benefit of the merged district through the expansion of St. Matthews Fire & EMS’s ambulance fleet stationed throughout the merged district.  These two entities now come back to where they both started.  In 1950 the Lyndon Volunteer Fire Department was organized.  It’s area of service at the time was carved out of an area of rural Jefferson County previously serviced by the St. Matthews Volunteer Fire Department.  Today’s service is much different from those early days.  At the time both fire departments were made up of all volunteers firefighters.  Today the new entity will now be one of the larger fire and EMS services in suburban Louisville operating out of four fire stations with around 90 full time career fire and EMS personnel.

The quality service that has been provided to the citizens of both entities in the past will not be lost, but will only be enhanced, as we all continue to proudly serve the citizens we are here to protect!

About David Howser

Chief Howser was born and raised in the Lyndon area. He joined LFR as a volunteer fire fighter in 1980 while a student at the old Westport High School. During his tenure here he has served as Company Officer, Training Officer, Safety Officer, Battalion Chief, Assistant Chief and Fire Chief. In 1984 he was hired as one of Lyndon's first career firefighters. As noted, since that time he has worked his way up through the ranks where he served as Fire Chief until July 2018 when Lyndon Fire merged into the St. Matthews FD. He currently serves as Assistant Fire Chief of the new merged St. Matthews F.D..

2 Responses to “Lyndon Fire Protection District Merges With St. Matthews Fire Protection District Effective July 1, 2018”

  1. Dan Lyons

    I think it’s disappointing to see Lyndon Fire And Rescue name come down and the St Matthews name go up. As a Lyndon resident, we lose our identity. Wouldn’t surprise me eventually the counsel of Lyndon sell out Our city And merges with St Matthews.

    • David Howser

      We are sorry to hear of your disappointment. The name may have changed on the building but the personnel working in those buildings are the same and still have the passion of serving their Lyndon community along with the cities of Hurstbourne, Bellemeade, Norword, St. Matthews, Rolling Hills, Graymoor Devondale, Plantation, Westwood, Meadowvale and Murray Hills to name a few. In the past we shared the name “Lyndon” with the city of Lyndon but were never directly associated with or controlled by them. Fire Districts in Jefferson County are separate independent entities not affiliated with any city. Any merger between the cities of Lyndon and St. Matthews would be up to their Mayors and City Councils.


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