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Contest Rules: Each team will be provided with 3 racks of uncooked pork spare ribs. Contestants may choose to use them as a spare ribs or cut into “St. Louis Style” ribs. Contestants will submit six (6) separated ribs from the 3 racks for judging. The team may choose what to do with the remaining slabs.

Cooking Rules: Each team may cook the ribs in any manner that will deliver a competitive product in the time allowed. Fires must be wood or charcoal only. NO electric smokers or gas. Each team should do their best to keep their stations clean during the event and contribute in clean up. Each station will be provided a bleach/water solution for sanitary purposes. The St. Matthews Fire Department will provide the necessary disposal units for any wood or charcoal.

Submission for Judging: Each contestant MUST submit at least six (6) separated ribs placed in the large container provided. NO GARNISH in containers, just contest entry meat. NO containers of sauce are allowed in the container. ALL CONTAINERS WILL BE PROVIDED. Judging will take place at 3:00pm. A volunteer will collect the container at the time of judging to deliver them to the judges. A minimum of 3 judges will be present.

Scoring Procedures: Ribs will be judged on Taste, Tenderness, and Appearance. This is a weighted system with Taste and Tenderness carrying more scoring power than Appearance. The scoring system will be from 9-2; all whole numbers between 2 and 9 will be used to score an entry: 9=excellent, 8= very good, 7=above average, 6=average, 5= below average, 4=poor, 3=bad, 2=inedible. A score of 1 is disqualification for reasons such as incorrect meat or not enough samples in contestant box. The lowest score for a contestant is dropped and will only be used in the event of a tie.

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