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Smart Phone Chargers

Smart phone chargers can and do cause fires! Look closely at this charger cord. The phone end was frayed, a condition all too typical of these popular devices. It was not plugged in to the phone at the time that it was discovered burning. This one was inside an automobile plugged into the car charger and laying idle on the console. This same thing can very easily occur in a house. These devices easily carry enough electrical current to start a fire! Always replace damaged or frayed charger cords. Never leave them plugged in when not in use. And never lay a charging phone on easily combustible surfaces, such as pillows, beds, couches or similar.

About john stich

Major Stich was born and raised in Lyndon. He joined LFR as a fire cadet in 1972 becoming a volunteer firefighter in 1974. He has served as Apparatus Maintenance Officer, Training Officer, Company Officer and Battalion Chief. Since 1984 he has served in a career capacity as Fire Marshal, responsible for fire prevention, code enforcement and fire safety education.

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